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| March 2, 2016

Milton, MA – Go to ‘read more’ to see the table of Republican results for the March 1 primary in Milton.

The results appearing below were tabulated using data from the Milton Town Clerk’s office, following the March 1 presidential primary. For results in the Democratic primary, click here.


Republican primary results

Jim Gilmore00000031105
Donald J. Trump61771139494186168171181441128
Ted Cruz11131725223130334311225
George Pataki00010002003
Ben Carson104918495444
Mike Huckbaee00100000001
Rand Paul10001121207
Carly Fiorina00110020026
Rick Santorum00000000101
Chris Christie00012010206
Marco Rubio17459554639867558926592
Jeb Bush134061725129
John R. Kasich2482131479584657610429713
No Preference113310023114
total Republicans voting2774
There were 2774 people pulling Republican ballots March 1 in Milton.


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