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Location of New Animal Shelter Debated

| January 30, 2014

Members of the Board of Selectmen said they will hold a future meeting on the best location for the new home of the Milton Animal Shelter during a meeting on Jan. 21 at the Council on Aging.

The hot-button issue that frigid night was the best location for the long overdue new shelter which would replace the dilapidated building now located on a sliver of the 34-acre property owned by the Stoughton Trust on Governor Stoughton Lane.

“Should the shelter be moved to another location or should the town work to build a new shelter on Governor Stoughton Lane?” was the question debated for well over an hour.

Members of the Milton Animal League support Planning Director Bill Clark’s recommendation for a town-owned parcel adjacent to the former landfill property on Randolph Avenue, principally because the fate of the entire Stoughton property is uncertain. The parcel abuts the former town landfill.

Near the meeting’s end, Selectmen Tom Hurley and Katie Conlon both informed the residents that no decision has been made on the issue.

“We have not committed to one thing yet,” said Hurley, stating that board members wanted input from residents before considering their decision and adding, “It’s the town’s responsibility to control animals. It has to be some place.”

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