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Parking Enforcement Stepped Up in E. Milton

| February 27, 2014

by Ken Green, Times Staff

The recent snowy weather may have blanketed the area but it has also helped uncover a situation that has become a problem in East Milton Square.

As many shoppers and workers who frequent the area have discovered, to their dismay, police department traffic enforcement officers have stepped up ticketing of vehicles that are either parking illegally or longer than permitted in certain areas in the district.

According to police department officials and representatives of the Milton Chamber of Commerce, the snow has played a role in illegal parking because, they believe, some employees in the area are parking closer to where the work to avoid long walks in the snow.

Those spots are often designated for one or two hour parking and not the eight hours of an employee’s shift, according to Deputy Police Chief John King.

While King said employees of East Milton businesses are not the only ones violating the parking restrictions, enough were believed to be parking in timed spots to avoid trudging through snow to warrant stepped-up enforcement.

“I think what has happened is that a lot of the employees are gravitating into the closer parking area just to make their walk shorter,” he said.

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