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Timilty Files Amendment to Fowl Meadow Bill

| February 12, 2014

Rep. Walter F. Timilty (D–Milton) announced Wednesday that he has filed an amendment to House Bill 3899 that, if passed, will prevent development within 1,000 feet of the Fowl Meadow within Milton and Canton.

In addition to the amendment to HB 3899, a supplemental budget to Fiscal Year 2014, two bills have been filed in order to prevent development in and around the entirety of the portions of The Fowl Meadow located in the towns of Milton and Canton. House Bills 818 and 819 have been filed in the 2013-2104 session with the same expressed goal.

“This environmental initiative is in the best interest of Milton and Canton and benefits the totality of Greater Boston,” said Timilty. “By preventing development in the Fowl Meadow; Milton, Canton and the residents of all of Greater Boston will continue to reap the area’s environmental benefits. As such, I will continue to push for the prevention of development in the Fowl Meadow.”

Timilty said the language in the bill was created with the intent of protecting an area of historical and environmental importance to Milton, Canton and the Blue Hills Reservation from development. Development in the area set forth in the legislation, he said, will prove to be detrimental to the area known as vegetation and animal life in the Fowl Meadow.

In addition to said legislation and the amendment, Timilty has convened meetings with House Chairwoman of the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture, Anne Gobi.

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