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List of Candidates for Town-Wide Offices

| April 23, 2014

List of Candidates for Town-Wide Office

In the Tuesday, April 29 election

Milton, MA – The following information was submitted to the Milton Times by the candidates themselves at the request by the Times. Not all candidates for town-wide office submitted information.



(One to be elected for a five-year term)

Bryan Furze

Candidate for Planning Board

I am concerned that Milton is falling behind its peer communities because of a lack of proactive zoning and an efficient entitlement process. I would like Milton’s Planning Board to implement a Master Plan with proactive, progressive and smart zoning to ensure that Milton remains an exceptional community in the future and evaluate projects in the spirit of moving them forward. I am the best candidate for Milton’s Planning Board to make this happen.

As Vice President of Leasing and Asset Management at Linear Retail Properties, I specialize in the reuse and redevelopment of underutilized real estate in New England. I have extensive experience with zoning, permitting and land use. I am experienced in and familiar with the various tools available to municipalities in Massachusetts to promote economic sustainability and smart growth. I have a successful track record collaborating with communities and residents in the redevelopment of properties including Wellesley, Wayland, Natick, Dedham, Cambridge, Newton, and Downtown Boston among others. Here in Milton, I am a Town Meeting Member in Precinct 10 and the Chair of the committee studying appropriate higher and better uses for the Granite Avenue Park and Ride lot.


I graduated from the University of Notre Dame. I live with my partner on Brush Hill Road. Our son, Simon, was born in August of 2013. We love to garden and check in on our beehive, which produced 50 pounds of Milton honey last year.


John Sheldon

Candidate for Planning Board

I was born and raised in Milton and along with my wife Margaret, we have raised our family here as well. I’ve witnessed the construction of Crosby colonials here in the town and have family photographs of East Milton Square long before the expressway arrived. I’ve observed Milton undergo many changes while retaining its identity as a desirable bedroom community. I care deeply about Milton, about the residents who live here and want to stay here. My goal is to preserve our historic character while growing our community in thoughtful, financially advantageous and respectful ways.

Change is inevitable, and as an architect and a planner I feel strongly that it must be carefully monitored and evaluated if it is to be beneficial to our residents. I appreciate the efforts of so many who have worked to ensure the town’s vitality and future. I’ve been on both sides of the issue of growth and change; presenting building projects to community boards in metropolitan Boston and also advocating for the rights and interests of community groups on which I have served. Growth does not happen in a vacuum.   Instead, it evolves within the context of zoning, careful considered community planning initiatives, and neighborly discourse.

It is my desire to make a meaningful contribution to Milton that spurred my decision to offer my candidacy. I understand the importance of integrated, comprehensive planning, the need to broaden the tax base, and the challenges Milton faces while preserving all that is unique about the town.   My education and experience are best utilized in public service on the Planning Board and being a part of the stewardship of Milton.

I respectfully ask for your vote on April 29th.


Name: John Sheldon

Address: 213 School Street

Education: Milton Academy, Lake Forest College, and Rhode Island School of Design

Profession: Registered Architect

Current practice: Northeastern University serving as University Architect.

Personal: With my wife Margaret – three children Oliver, Claire and Hally

Community service: Coached Milton youth ice hockey, served on the Board of Trustees of the Robert Bennet Forbes Museum


Michael Hale

Candidate for Planning Board

Why I believe I’m the most qualified for Town Planning Board:

Why vote for me?

I see the greatness in our Town. We were voted among the “Best Places to Live” for our quality of life and terrific schools. But I see opportunities to make Milton even better.

I believe that placing 97+% of the tax burden on residents is too much. I have ideas about how to planfully improve commercial development, and not just in our main 3 retail centers. I realize the need to meet our “40B Residential Requirements”, but we can’t do it in ways that disturb the schools, other social services, traffic, and character of many of our small neighborhoods.

At my job, I create solutions to business challenges every day – I’m a problem solver at heart. I also have Master’s degree in business and understand that both short-term and ongoing costs need to be accounted for in every municipal decision.

I don’t like meetings for the sake of meeting – I’m a person of action who believes we must get moving on executing on the Town Master Plan to enable Milton to evolve and improve.

Most of all, I have a strong commitment to our community. I plan to raise my family and grow old in Milton.


Mike is Director of Infrastructure Architecture for Steward HealthCare. He earned his BA from Siena College and his MBA from Boston University. He lives with his wife and their 2 children. He enjoys playing with the kids, playing cards/horseshoes with friends, and rooting for the Sox, B’s, and Pats.



(One to be elected to a three-year term)

Brian M. Cronin

Candidate for Board of Assessors

My qualifications for the Board of Assessor position include 27 years of service as a Town Meeting Member voting on annual budgets and bond issues including the new public schools and Milton Public Library expansion.

The Warrant Committee recommends and Town Meeting votes on all appropriations. The Board of Assessors is then charged with setting the tax rate. To do so, the Assessors must determine the fair cash value of all real estate and personal property in the Town. The assessors use technology to maintain a database adjusted by property sales through the Registry of Deeds, building permits and site inspections. My technology training will support these tasks.

I am a homeowner, taxpayer and lifelong resident who has a strong interest in Town government. My career in technology and management will complement the present Board members who have competency in the field of real estate.


Milton Public Schools, Milton High graduate 1987 – football and track teams

Eagle Scout, Troop 3 Milton

Stonehill College 1991

Milton Town Meeting member since 1987

IT Project Manager, General Dynamics

U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captain

Certificate-Network Systems, RCDD

Uncle to Maddy, Jack, Henry and Duncan


Richard C. Larson Biography

Candidate for Board of Assessors

Raised in Belmont, MA, I have been married to Lucinda Larson for 38 years and have lived in Milton, MA for sixteen years. I was an advertising Art Director for ten years in both Delaware and New York. In 1979, upon my return to the Boston area, I joined W.W.Young Engineering and Realty as a Managing Partner. In 1994, I went on to found Merchant Real Estate Management. My wife and I have two grown sons and my mother who live with us.

Qualifications for Board of Assessors

I have managed residential and commercial properties for individual groups in the Greater Boston Area for over 35 years. To support these activities, I have attended architectural school, taken real estate appraisal courses, and have had a broker’s license for over 42 years. This has given me great experience with assessors and the assessment process. In addition, I have been involved in over-evaluation cases, eminent domain, and adverse possession actions against properties, where property assessments were integral to the cases’ strategies. Reflecting upon my qualifications, I see myself as a person who will be impartial, objective, and knowledgeable in applying equal treatment to all types of properties and establishments who call the town of Milton their home.

Visit my website:

e-mail :

Please e-mail or call with your thoughts and/or suggestions and questions.



(One to be elected for a one-year term)

Cindy Christiansen

Candidate for Board of Health

Cindy L. Christiansen is eager to use her expertise and knowledge to further improve our community’s health by serving on Milton’s Board of Health. She is Associate Professor Health Policy and Management, Boston University School of Public Health. She has over 20 years experience in cross-disciplinary health, medical, and policy research and teaching. She believes that community-health improvements require collaborative approaches. Once elected, she will work with town boards, grassroots organizations, and committees to ensure health considerations are included in town planning, decisions, and policies.

Using her professional experience in health research and funding, Dr. Christiansen’s primary first-year goal as Board of Health member is to pursue local, state, and federal healthy-community funding opportunities for Milton. She also will increase community-health education activities, advocate for additional federal research funding for Lyme disease prevention and treatment, work on the Milton Brook Path initiative, and assist others who already are actively improving the health of Milton’s vulnerable and special populations including the elderly, children, veterans, and those who are economically disadvantaged. She will work with board members and town employees on all local and state health regulation compliance activities and Milton public health initiatives.


Along with enjoying time with her expanding family and group of friends, Cindy is Board member, South Shore Habitat for Humanity, and is dedicated to efforts that reduce poverty housing and its consequences. Christiansen is Town Meeting Member, Precinct 7, Granite Avenue Committee member, Mass Association of Health Boards member, and Fellow of the American Statistical Association.


Laura Richards

Candidate for Board of Health

Appointed to the Board of Health in July, 2013, I am running for election to continue to serve as a member. An attorney is an asset to the board, especially one with public health expertise. The board presently includes a nurse and an epidemiologist. This combined professional experience is truly valuable. We work well together and I often provide legal advice and assistance. I was an attorney for the Massachusetts Association of Health Boards (MAHB). My legal background assists in many board matters, particularly those involving regulation development and implementation, tobacco control and applications for septic and other variances.

Significant Health Department personnel changes have occurred since my appointment, and I have helped make those decisions. We selected a new Health Director and must fill the position she vacated. These are important decisions and the board was and is able to make them, reaching consensus after careful consideration.

We are also rewriting our tobacco regulations. Here, my public health legal background provides a unique and valuable resource. Put simply, I have done this before. While at MAHB I drafted tobacco control legislation and regulations. I also compiled the 2nd edition of The Legal Authority for Tobacco Control in the United States.


I am a lifelong resident of Milton, and attended the Milton Public Schools, Providence College and Suffolk Law School and received an LLM in Taxation from Boston University School of Law. I am married to Tony Sbarra and have three children, Dan, Andrew and Lily Sbarra.



(Two to be elected for a three-year term)

Kristan Bagley Jones

Candidate for School Committee

As a parent with two children educated in the Milton Public Schools, I believe in the importance of quality education for all children. I am running for re-election on the Milton School Committee because I am passionate about public education.

All children deserve the opportunity to be successful in school. Our schools are one of the town’s greatest resources, and I will continue to work to support and strengthen them. The degree of town-wide support for our schools, the dedicated parent volunteers and the talented staff is what makes Milton Public Schools a success.

I have been an advocate and volunteer for the Milton public schools since moving to Milton over a decade ago. I am a consensus builder by nature and believe that an inclusive approach will always yield the best results. When working with people who have very diverse views, we can all find common ground and goals when we are talking about our children and our town.

I am grateful to have an opportunity to serve another three years on the Milton School Committee. I ask for one of your two votes on Election Day.


I am a parent, a school volunteer, a Town Meeting Member and an educator. In addition to gaining valuable experience while a member of the School Committee for six years, I have worked in public education for over 20 years as a school social worker and program manager. I am also an adjunct professor at Boston College.



(Three to be elected for a three-year term)

Sheryl Fleitman

Candidate for Library Board of Trustees

I am running for Library Trustee because I have been using our libraries since elementary school. I would like to make sure that as many Milton residents as possible are aware of everything our library has to offer – which is much more than books! There is fantastic programming consisting of music, speakers , movies, audio books, art exhibits, after school programs, lectures, just to name a few.

This is an exciting time when libraries have more opportunities for people than ever before with booming social and electronic media. Technology is still moving very fast and I am interested to see what else can be implemented to make library resources accessible to as many as possible.

We need new creative money making and fund raising ideas – they are very important for purchasing library materials.

I believe I am the most qualified candidate for this position due to my passion for the library and my commitment to help make Milton’s library the best in the area in all the ways that we can! Being involved in the library’s five year plan will enable me to help accomplish this.

I am a Town Meeting Member in Precinct One and have lived in Milton for most of my life. I attended Milton Public Schools and graduated from Milton High School.

I am an experienced and highly skilled executive assistant who has worked in a myriad of professional industries.


John W. Folcarelli

Candidate for Trustee of the Public Library

Preservation – Promotion – Perpetuation

I am running for Trustee of the Milton Public Library to preserve all that is good about the Library, promote the Library’s assets and services, and lay the ground work for ensuring that the Library is perpetuated as Milton’s cultural and learning center. As a Town Meeting member since 2001 and a former member of the Warrant Committee, I believe that I have the experience and temperament to serve the Library’s community in a meaningful and effective manner.

The Library faces many challenges as it seeks to expand its profile, not the least of which are the increasing pressures on its revenues. As a Trustee I will do all I can to help the Library get a fair share of the funding available and ensure those funds are spent wisely and effectively.

The term of this next Trustee will include writing the Library’s new Long Range Plan. I hope to contribute to that plan so that it is effective in increasing and improving the Library’s future service to the Town of Milton.

Please cast 1 of your 3 votes for me for Trustee of the Milton Public Library on Tuesday, April 29, 2014.


Pat and I have four children Meg, Jack, Francesca, and Anna, and have lived in Milton since 1988.

I am Deputy General Counsel at Steward Health Care. Previously, I was an attorney for First Student and Laidlaw and before that Deputy Chief of Staff at the MBTA.


Kristine Hodlin

Candidate for Library Board of Trustees

I am announcing my candidacy for re-election as Library Trustee and would appreciate your support and vote on April 29.

Our newly renovated library celebrates its 5th birthday this month. It has come a long way since 2009; the new building, new director and staff have brought many great new services and programs to the Milton community. Our library usage and circulation have increased almost every month since the renovation. I want to help guide the library’s continued success by working with the Director, Trustees and other town departments to obtain town resources in support of the Library’s building and programs, participate in updating the long term strategy and support continued technology advancements. My experiences in municipal finance, management and technology qualify me to serve as one of your Trustees. As Treasurer of the Trustees for the past three years, I led our move to a new investment management firm to oversee the Trustee funds. I am a Town Meeting Member (9 yrs), served on the Warrant committee and have been Treasurer of East Congregational Church, MHS Boosters and Pierce PTO. My work life has been focused on managing people and developing financial systems and client strategies in Information Technology.


My husband, Paul and I have lived in Milton since 1984, raising our three children – Nils, Kurt and Erika who attended Milton Public Schools. I have been employed as a Vice President of Information Technology at State Street Corporation since 1994.


Frank Schroth

Candidate for Library Board of Trustees

I am running for re-election to the Milton Library Board of Trustees because I believe I have the knowledge, experience, skills and passion to oversee the library’s mission as a vital hub serving the information and cultural needs of our community.

During my first term we hired a new director, improved pedestrian and vehicle safety, put an emphasis on customer service and patron satisfaction, instituted a new community-wide reading initiative, and presented and received approval for budgets that were fiscally defensible and maintained quality of service.

Going forward, I will continue to put time and attention to patron satisfaction, the budget, promoting effective communication and developing a new strategic plan. I will also work with our director and trustees to explore ways to extend the library beyond its physical walls.

If elected, I will contribute my energy, ideas, and support to our director and fellow trustees to continue the work of offering our town a rich local repository of resources and information in all its forms, with free access for all.

I respectfully ask for 1 of your 3 votes on April 29th.


Currently editor of MyTownMatters, Schroth has spent over 20 years in developing interactive media. He moved to Milton with Annie Davis in 1988. They have two children, both proud graduates of our public schools. Past and present community activities include Town Soccer, Friends of Milton Crew, Artspace Milton, and Brookwood Farm.


Edward Duffy

Candidate for Library Board of  Trustees

I am a lifelong Milton resident. I was born in Cunningham Park when Milton Hospital was located there.

I have been a Town Meeting member for 30 years, a Planning Board member for 10 years and a town employee for 40 years in the Engineering and Planning Department.

I have been President of the Milton Historical Society and am currently the president of the Erie (Irish) Society of Boston.

I graduated from Boston College and taught at Osei Tuto College in Ghana, West Africa for two years in the United States Peace Corps.

The Library faces tremendous growth as shown in the annual reports of the Library Trustees for the past three years. At times, patrons must park at the Town Hall and cross Canton Avenue without the benefit of a cross walk.

The new Milton Library is an integral part of living in Milton. It will require diligence and devotion to sustain its prominence in our town.


Candidates Running Unopposed

Thomas Hurley (Selectman – one seat for three years)

James McAuliffe (Town Treasurer – one seat for one year)

Kristan Bagley-Jones (School Committee – two seats for three years)

Leroy Walker (School Committee – two seats for three years)

Kevin Chrisom (Park Commissioner – one seat for three years)

Roxanne Musto (Board of Health – one seat for three years)

Lee Cary (Housing Authority – one set for five years)

Joseph Reardon (Trustee of the Cemetery – one seat for five years)

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