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Milton soccer team wins state wide championship

| July 9, 2014

Milton, MA –The Milton Soccer Girls Under 12 “Spirit” team won the Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC). The team was also awarded the “Sportsmanship Award”for the tournament. The appearance at MTOC was the first in Milton’s history at the U12 age group and the second time in Milton soccer history that a team has won the championship regardless of age and gender. On their way to the MTOC Tournament the Spirit team won their Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) section with a record of 7-1-2 and the BAYS Playoff Tournament.

Through both the BAYS and MTOC playoffs the Spirit team played their best soccer of the season. Elizabeth Hall, Ella Zimmerman and Jessica Curry played smart hard nose defense throughout out the playoffs and in conjunction with the goalie’s, Erin Hernando, timely saves and strong presence allowed to team to be one of the lowest scored upon in the tournament Madeleine Broderick and Margaret Loughnane set the tone by dominating in the midfield and the offensive zone. The teams wingers Ava Duggan,Kristyn Moran, Meghan Cormican and AnnekeWernerfelt tenacious pressure and great ball movement resulted in all of them recording an assist, a goal or both. The strikers, MatheaWernerfelt and Sara Cole overwhelmed defenses and scored multiple goals. The team missed the tenaciousness of Macie Capplis due an injury sustained early in the season.

At the MTOC tournament the Spirit team was undefeated against teams from Saugus, Spencer, Sandwich and Agawam. In the finals of MTOC the Spirit team played against Middleboro. During the final game Milton scored first (Meghan Cormican). The opposing team scored twice, with an own goal and a penalty kick, in the first half. The Spirit team pressed intensely during the second half and with three minutes left they tied the game (Madeleine Broderick). Neither team scored in the overtime period. The result forced the Championship game to be decided by penalty kicks (PK’s). Milton scored twice with their first three attempts (MatheaWernerfelt, Kristyn Moran) while the opposing team also scored twice with their first three attempts. Milton’s goalie (Erin Hernando) added two additional saves on the opposing teams 4th and 5th attempts. At the conclusion of the best of 5 PK’s both teams had scored twice. The game was to be decided on a single shot PK by both teams. Milton scored first (Jessica Curry). Milton’s goalie stopped Middleboro’s 6th attempt to win the game, which was her fourth save in the PK round.

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