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Milton Times introduces the “Town Talk” series

| July 15, 2014

Milton, MA–What are the residents of Milton up to this summer? What is the preferred social media outlet? What do they like to eat on the weekends? The day to day residents of Milton are complicated people who I have decided to figure out.

Over the next couple of months, I (Journalism Intern at the Milton Times, Morgan Peterson) will be asking these burning questions and more to the residents of this town.

This first week I walked around East Milton Square, and asked “whats the best thing about summer?”

My first contestant was Julia Tracy, who I caught walking the stores in East Milton Square.

Julia Tracy

Julia Tracy





Julia Tracy: “I love going to the Cape in the summer and relaxing.”







Immediately after talking with Julia, I met brothers Eli and Isaac Sands, who were walking around with their grandparents and had a lot to say to this question.

Brothers Eli (right) and Isaac Sands

Brothers Eli (right) and Isaac Sands


Eli: “I just finished a camp at the Milton Art Center for a week and I was the lion in the play The Wizard of Oz. It was a lot of fun, I got a bracelet afterwards and a popsicle.”

Isaac: “I like swimming.”

Eli: “We also like to vacation on Block Island.”



Declan Ritchie and Dean Stein were biking to get slushies when they stopped in the park in East Milton.

Dean Stein (left) and Declan Ritchie

Dean Stein (left) and Declan Ritchie


Declan Ritchie: “The best thing about summer for me is going to my grandparents pool and having family parties in Maine.”

Dean Stein: “I like going to my Cape house with friends and family.”




Matt McAuliffe and John Hoey were walking around the park when I caught up with them. These chatty boys were the reason why Dean Stein and Declan Ritchie stopped to answer my question.

Matt McAuliffe (left) and John Hoey

Matt McAuliffe (left) and John Hoey


Matt McAuliffe: “Baseball is the best thing about summer. I play for the Blue Hills Expos of Hyde Park about three or four times per week.”

John Hoey: “I like going to the beach or to Nantucket in the summer.”



The Hassan girls were going to go see a movie, but on this sunny day they decided to walk around East Milton Square instead, where they ran into me.

From left: Norah, Sinead, and MaryEllen Hassan

From left: Norah, Sinead, and MaryEllen Hassan



Norah Hassan: “The best thing about summer is being able to hang out.”

Sinead Hassan: “The best thing is no school.” (Norah agrees)

MaryEllen Hassan: “I love going to the beach in the summer, really anywhere with water like a pond or lake.”



Look for me around town with more questions this summer!

Written and posted by Morgan Peterson

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