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Fire dept: ‘Shovel out hydrants’ – youths help out

| January 30, 2015

Milton, MA — Young Miltonians helped shovel out a number of fire hydrants around town in the aftermath of the Jan. 27 storm that buried Milton in 30 inches of snow.


Good citizens

Julia Mantville, left, and her sister, Alyson, Milton shoveled out the fire hydrant on Rose Street.

The fire department has asked all residents to check nearby their homes and dig out any fire hydrants that may be covered. The department is making its way around to uncover them, but it takes time, and any help that can be given by citizens is very appreciated, and could save lives in the event of a fire.

Many young people from around town helped out by digging out fire hydrants, just as did Julia and Alyson Mantville (pictured above). Visit the Milton Firefighters Facebook page to see more photos of some of our youngest citizens doing incredibly important work to help their community.


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