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Urgent DPW snow notices: clearing of roadways, trash

| February 5, 2015
Milton, MA — The following three messages from Milton DPW, send on Thursday, Feb. 5:
Pending winter storms for today and this Sunday / Monday have heightened the concern for further narrowing of roadway widths. Further narrowing of roadways could affect emergency apparatus access and, at the very least, will slow delivery of regular services like trash removal, oil deliveries, and normal movement of neighborhood traffic.
Sub-zero temperatures and extended extreme cold are forecast for the next few days, which will turn snow banks ROCK-AS-SOLID, rendering them immovable. 


The DPW will begin widening of roadways immediately and will continue throughout the day on Friday
We apologize for this great inconvenience as this operation will cause folks to have to shovel-out their driveways (yet again). However, the widening operation is necessary given the extraordinary snow accumulation and the need to improve public safety access throughout the remained of this winter season.
To All Milton Residents,
Solid waste collection for Wednesday and Thursday 2/4 and 2/5 2015 are on their regular schedule, no cancellations, but expect some delays due to road conditions
Some streets in town are inaccessible to the large collection trucks due to road conditions. 
If your trash is not collected today or tomorrowSunrise will not be back this week
Any missed trash will be collected on your regular day next week February 4 and 5.

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