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This Glover duckling walk video will make you smile

| June 24, 2015


Milton, MA – The Glover Elementary School’s Outdoor Classroom held its annual Duck Walk recently, and this adorable video captured all the downy action.

This mama duck marches her brood of ducklings from the courtyard of the school, through the hallways (with the help of some caring, towel-holding duck wranglers), out the front door and down to Turner’s Pond in this annual ritual that has become a favorite tradition in town.


This was the first of three mother ducks to make the trek.

As of June 24, one more brood still has yet to walk.



You can watch the final walk live via the newly-installed Duck Cam on any smartphone or tablet via the app DLink+. To find the app, search your app store for “DLink+” (free for iOS, $0.99 for Android). Once downloaded, enter username: and password: gloverducks


Pick up upcoming issues of the Milton Times for a story detailing these beloved animals and this annual tradition.

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