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100s of items pulled from Hemenway Pond

| October 25, 2015

Milton, MA – The following is a list of all items pulled from Hemenway Pond and the Neponset River during a recent cleanup effort. It was all done by volunteers. Pick up a copy of the Oct. 22 Milton Times, or subscribe online through our e-edition, for the full story and some incredible photos.

  •       Appliances – 4 analogue TV’s, floor lamp, 3 vintage telephones, big cable TV wire, computer cables, toaster
  •       Auto Parts – 29+motor pieces, 2 carburetors, axle, 2 hub caps, muffler, drive shaft, front seat, firewall, dashboard, transmission, 2 bumpers, water pump, car front grill, car filter, fender, car door, lots of miscellaneous car pieces
  •       Bikes – 6 bikes, bike frame, bike socket assembly
  •       Buckets/Trash Barrels – 3
  •       Cinder blocks – 4 Bricks – 45 plus one cemented brick wall
  •       Gutters/drain pipes – 1
  •       Furniture – 2 metal chair frames, bed frame, double bed spring
  •       Lumber – Too numerous to count, large sheet of plywood, long wooden pole, lots of pieces of 2×4 painted boards 4’ long, 30’ tree, plus 39 pieces listed on one of the charts
  •       Metal fencing – 44, plus, 12 three foot long wooden fence pieces
  •       Metal rods, pipes, wire, sheet metal and PCV pipes – 9 plus 30’ of 4” PCV pipe, 4’ section of concrete pipe with a 4’ diameter, 7’long pipe, many long sections of metal strips, lots of sections of 3-4’ plastic flexible pipes, large roll of copper wire, metal broom handle, 3 pieces of aluminum siding, a lot of unidentifiable rusty objects
  •       Miscellaneous – Old antique toy truck (NYLINT), ladies knock-off Gucci bag, flashlight, 2 large sheets of styrofoam, many scratched lottery tickets, gravy boat, large quilt, plastic wagon wheel with a 36” diameter, full bag of diapers, full garbage bag, piano key board, pair of shoes, large play car, wooden barrel
  •       Paint cans, other toxic cans – 2
  •       Shopping carts – 10 (most very old), plus 2 shopping baskets
  •       Signs – 5 plus what was found behind Gerraghty apartments dumped onto State land.  (View pictures)
  •       Tires – 51 plus 6 rims, 1 inner tube (Some of these tires were from tractor trailer trucks. These cost $20 a piece to dispose of them)
  •       Toilets/sinks – 3
  •       Large heavy duty trash bags filled – 84 plus some inventories gave no count.  One person said “a bazillion”, someone else said “too many to count”

·       There were also way too many cans and bottles to count.

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