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Policy paper on Milton’s reliance on property tax

| January 14, 2016

Milton, MA – Former Warrant Committee member and current Northeastern University master’s student in public accounting George Mandell submitted a policy paper he recently completed on Milton’s budget and property taxes to the Milton Times. We have published the paper below for public viewing. This is the second such paper submitted to the Times in the past year.

In a letter to the Times that appears in the Jan. 14, 2016, edition, Mandell stated that he is hoping to spark a broad discussion of the town’s finances and budgets, particularly in light of an expected Proposition 2 1/2 tax override vote in the 2016 town-wide election.

The Milton Times also welcomes your letters on this important subject.

[Disclaimer: The views expressed below are solely those of the author, and do not reflect an endorsement by the Milton Times.]

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