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Election results

| September 9, 2016

So the election results are out – it appears the new state Senator is Walter Timilty. In Milton it was 3558 for Timilty and 2438 for Nora Harrington. Of course there is a November election with an independent running against the Democratic candidate but no one expects an upset there. The new state representative will be Bill Driscoll who polled 1448 votes in Milton in a field of seven candidates. There is no challenger in the November election.

In Randolph, the two Randolph candidates did well but the top vote getter there pulled in fewer than 1000 votes. That candidate Jim Burgess took only 91 votes in the whole town of Milton.

One surprise was that Kerby Roberson did very well in Randolph, coming in third in the field of seven but not so well in Milton.

The votes in Milton put Driscoll in a substantial lead, with Mike Zullas coming in second and Tony Farrington in third.

In the two precincts that are not part of that district, Rep. Dan Cullinane edged out his two challengers. Cullinane also took the top vote in the Boston portion of the district.


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