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Yes, thinking globally, acting locally

| November 30, 2018

There’s about a month left in 2018. That’s nearly a month to start thinking of how to close out the year and prepare for a new one.

In one’s sphere of influence, there are ways to feel that some measure of control can be gained in a world at odds with itself.

Locally, indeed, the outcome of the U.S. Senate race in Mississippi cannot be changed where the winner, incumbent GOP candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith reportedly invoked on the campaign trail references to a heinous activity during the South’s Jim Crow era. Her Democratic challenger, former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and African-American Mike Espy, received 46.1 percent of the vote, compared to Hyde-Smith’s 53.9 percent, the Associated Press and New York Times report.

Yet in this week’s Milton

Change Makers column, guest written by Citizens for a Diverse Milton member Lindsay Rosenfeld and other CDM contributors, the disparity of the number of Milton High School juniors and seniors of color not enrolled in Advanced Placement classes compared to their peers is raised.

Climate change denial continues in some prominent circles in Washington, D.C., yet here, Sustainable Milton board member Henry MacLean outlines reasonable plans to ameliorate same. Small changes in home and window insulation can add up to make a positive difference for a property owner and by extension, the neighborhood and region.

Meanwhile, this is the holiday season and there needs to be time for levity too. Still, here’s one last point to consider.

If among your family of origin, family through marriage or work family you talk about plans to get away to warmer climes over the next several months, think about the people left behind who won’t have that opportunity. If discussions arise about menu and beverage plans, consider squirreling away part of what would be spent on such entertainment and donate it this and next month to any charity of your choice. A read-through of this edition will give you food for thought, pun intended, about the local nonprofit associations and grassroots efforts that could benefit from your help.

– Lisa D. Connell Editor

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