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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to submit news, a letter or photograph?


1. How do I submit an obituary?

We print obituary notices, written by family or friends, for a $50 fee. Information about the deceased may very well need to be verified so include the name of the funeral home and a phone number where you can be reached. We are able to help you write the story. Often these stories are written and submitted with the help of a funeral director. Contact us at or for more information.


2. How do I submit my data to Milton Times?

You can send us your data by email at or on a CD, DVD or USB stick. To submit physical data stop by our office at 3 Boulevard St., Ste. 5, Milton MA 02186 or mail it.


3. What data format should my data be in?

  • PDF format is ideal for advertising.
  • For photo prints we recommend the formats JPG, TIFF, PNG or EPS.
  • For news or a letter to the editor, the information must be sent in a text file. We prefer a Word attachment. Keep any submission under 500 words.


4. What resolution do I need for photos?

We recommend a resolution of 300 dpi. In individual cases, a resolution of 200 dpi may suffice. Lower resolution, made for the web, will not work in print.


5. Can I review my data before it is printed?

Only advertising runs as submitted or depends on the approval of the author. We edit all submissions.

Do you have any other questions about what you want to print?

Just call us at 617-696-7758, email, or use our contact form.