As a town newspaper, we depend on submissions from members of the community and are always happy to receive photos, stories, announcements and other types of news.

Please send all submissions to (You can also send mail to The Milton Times, 3 Boulevard Street, Suite #5, Milton, MA 02186, or stop by the office.)

For obituaries, we charge a fee, and requests should be sent to

Our deadline for submissions to be considered for the following week’s newspaper is Friday at noon.

All written submissions should contain all vital information, with the most important information at the top. If the submission is written in the form of a feature article or contains any opinion or opinionated language (for example: “It was a great performance,” or “Everyone learned a lot.”), the author must provide their name to be attached to the story.



Photos must be submitted with the proper resolution and quality.

All photos submitted must be above 1MB in file size.

The Milton Times receives many photo submissions. In order to give your photo the best chance of being printed, please make sure that they are of high quality and the correct resolution.

Photos must not be blurry, and the subject of the photo should take up most of the frame.

Please also provide a brief caption including the names of all people in the photo and where they are located in the photo, as well as a few words about what is happening in the photo.


All photos must be at least 1mb in resolution. If the resolution is below 1mb, you will have to try to find the original version of the photo (if there is one), or we may only be able to publish the photo on the Web.

How to check photo resolution:

-On a Mac, click on the photo file, then click on the File menu at the top of the screen and click on “Get Info.” Once the Info window is open, look under the “General” tab for the file size. (It will read something like 1.5 mb or 275 kb.) If the size is listed in “kb” as opposed to “mb,” your photo is likely too small to print (1,000kb = 1mb). You can also open the photo in iPhoto, click on the Photos menu, go to Show Extended Photo Info, and look under File–>Size.

-On a PC, right-click on the photo file, click on “Properties” and look under “General”–>”Size.”

-On a smart phone (iPhone included), there are many apps that can be downloaded to check resolution. Also, the photo can simply be attached to an email, and the file size should appear next to the attachment.


If you have any questions about photos or other submissions, please call us at 617-696-7758.