Beckman and Hurley

Dawn Beckman and Brian Hurley

When it came to finding a community where they could raise their daughter and find the quality of life they wanted, real estate experts Dawn Beckman and Brian Hurley chose Milton.

When it came to finding the ideal company to use their talents as realtors, they chose to join the Compass Greater Boston to form the new Beckman & Hurley Group in May.  

Both decisions have made a difference in their lives and helped them serve clients in Milton and Greater Boston well.

Hurley grew up in Milton and Beckman is a transplant from Michigan who loved living in the city. 

The couple was living in South Boston when they decided to start a family.  

The thought of leaving the amenities of Boston behind concerned Beckman at first.

Today, Beckman and Hurley believe they found the perfect balance when they bought a house in Milton nine years ago.

Hurley said that a lot of people who are being priced out of the Boston market have fears of losing their connection to the city and its diversity, restaurants, and  transportation.

Through their team, Beckman said, “We’re bringing Boston to Milton.”

“He has the perspective of growing up here,” Beckman said of Hurley. “He knew how great it is to live here and grow up here. 

“I understand what their fears are. Together our understanding and knowledge resonates with clients.”

She said many homeowners only have to get acquainted with Milton to get hooked on it.

“We put them in a car and let them get to know the areas of town,” Beckman said. “The town has so much to offer.” 

Their daughter Harper is in first grade at Tucker Elementary School in the French immersion program. Beckman has joined the Tucker PTO. 

Hurley, who loves being back where he grew up, is looking for a way to give back to the community.

The couple said that in Milton, real estate is still a buyer’s market with demand still outpacing supply, but it is beginning to shift slightly in the region. 

The services available to their group through its association with Compass are often the key to their success with homebuyers and sellers.

Hurley said that many clients in Milton are homeowners who are equity rich but cash poor. They don’t have the money to fix up their homes to get the best price.

Through its concierge service, Compass realtors like them are able to offer qualified sellers to borrow money to make upgrades to their homes. 

They can get rid of things like outdated wallpaper and bright green carpets, Beckman said.

Hurley said that regionally the number of days a home spends on the market has increased slightly and getting the best price as quickly as possible for clients is still the goal.

“It’s important to showcase your home the best way you can,” he said.

Beckman added, “No young family wants to renovate any more. We’re trying to give our clients the edge.”

Beckman, who has 14 years of experience in real estate, said that buyers also need help negotiating the competitive sales environment that makes placing a winning bid difficult.

She said they recently had a client who had lost nine homes in bidding wars and she was able to help this client buy a first home despite competition from a field of 11 other bidders.

In addition, Compass offers bridge loans that help clients move on to a new home before their current one has sold. 

Through Compass, the couple has access to the latest technology and analytics, independence and broad based support, they said.

Beckman said she got into real estate when she was buying her first home. She loved the process, but thought her realtor could do it better. She almost lost her deposit.

Beckman was managing partner for five years for Engle & Vöelkers, an international firm. She has worked with international and domestic clients and has managed and sold real estate totalling over $750 million in sales volume.

Hurley, a graduate of Boston College High School and the College of the Holy Cross, worked as an advertising copywriter for years before getting 

his real estate license in 2004. In 2011, real estate became his primary focus and he joined an international firm serving Greater Boston.

Hurley said that real estate helped him escape a corporate culture that often defines your career trajectory.

The family enjoys skiing and the resources of Blue Hills Reservation. 

Beckman grew up in a rural area around horses and was competitive in the hunter jumper circuit. She hopes to dust off her saddle for her daughter.

“We’re in a pretty special place,” Beckman said. “I feel lucky to sell real estate here.”

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