Personal training is getting a go-ahead in the next phase of openings.

Allison Barnes, founder of Massachusetts-based fitness club R3BILT, announced recently that they have partnered with two-time Olympic figure skating medalist and sports icon Nancy Kerrigan as a spokesperson and brand ambassador.

“We are incredibly excited to have Nancy on our team; she embodies our R3BILT ’workout smarter’ philosophy of pushing our mind and body for maximum health gains accompanied by full recovery” said Barnes. “I grew up rooting for her, so I’m honored and grateful to play a part in her continued fitness and health success to achieve what we all want as we age - better quality of life and overall function."

Nancy echoes the excitement, and said “I fell immediately in love with the R3BILT philosophy on functional training and fitness recovery which has always been a key element in my training program and even moreso as I get older. I am really looking forward to working, and working out with Alli”.

R3BILT is at 502 Granite Ave. It's a first-of-its-kind boutique fitness that utilizes the latest science to combine bio-individual weight training, mobility, and medical-based recovery equipment to build muscle, bone, and function in the safest and most effective way possible, all within one hour. Barnes, who has an extensive background in exercise physiology, science, and nutrition, invented R3BILT after turning 40 and finding no current workout fit that populations’ needs for safe and very effective results in a very time efficient manner. She complied the science to form her 3-phase workout : Rebuild, Recover, Reverse, and coins it ‘working out smarter.’

R3BILT will re-open in conjunction with Phase 3 opening in Massachusetts next week. “The beauty of R3BILT and its community is that our small group training is so individualized and effective that you can just as likely expect to workout alongside someone brand new to weight training as you can," said Barnes. "Everyone from newbies, yogis, avid weight trainers, as well as some other local amazing female or male athletes, looking to stay strong and recover their bodies for longevity have already found such amazing physical and mental results with our program."

When asked about the hardship her fitness company endured with the forced closure due to COVID-19, Barnes, who’s grand opening was just months before, stated, “Like many others, the last 4 months have been the most financially uncertain and trying times for me and my family, but I’m grateful to move forward and continue to help people become fit and healthy. R3BILT is very well positioned to fit into the ‘new normal’ of society. Given the need for safety and social distancing, our program, which is defined by small group workouts, is ideal for people looking for a safer and better direction for their fitness routines, while avoiding the crowds or lackluster results of their old workouts.”

For information on R3BILT’s workouts, personal training, workshops, and nutrition or health coaching programs, you can contact them through social media or go to www.r3bilt.com.

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