Tyler Dewhirst

Tyler Dewhirst

About a decade ago Tyler Dewhirst submitted a few cartoons to the Milton Times. He was a student at Pierce Middle School at the time but the level of his artwork was professional even then.

This week Nibbles and Scratch return to the pages of the newspaper. 

The cartoon cats are something Dewhirst has worked on for years. He began sketching cartoons while in elementary school.

Dewhirst now lives in Georgia, having graduated last June from Savannah College of Art and Design. He achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sequential Art. This time last year he was studying in France.

He has exhibited his work in France, Savannah and Boston.

Since graduation he has been working at a performing arts center in Savannah. His family still lives in town.

Dewhirst is beginning to sell his material which includes a series of single panel gag cartoons.

But the comic strip is something the Milton Times wants to include as the newspaper begins to look back at what has worked in the history of print news.

Dewhirst has refined his artistry to tell the tale of a pair of anthropomorphic cats who live in an alley and struggle to make ends meet together. 

He says he believes it’s important that the cats help each other.

He does see some similarities between the alley where the cats live and the trash receptacle near Bruegger’s Bagels. He worked at Bruegger’s back when he lived in Milton. But the similarities are not the point, nor is the cartoon a local one.

Dewhirst is a graduate of BC High School, having attended that school beginning in grade 7.

Dewhirst is beginning to self-syndicate the panel cartoon and the Milton Times is one of his first clients.

To reach him, go to his website at www.tylerdewhirstart.com.


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