Muscle pain

Do you have reduced mobility, pain and discomfort in your muscles after exercising? Don’t let it stop you from participating in your favorite sports. There are some simple ways to prevent or reduce muscle pain after a workout. These include exercising on a regular basis, as there is less likelihood of muscle soreness if your body is accustomed to a particular exercise.

• Warm up. Before you put your muscles to work, prepare them for the effort to come. Warming up oxygenates your connective tissue, which improves muscle flexibility. Make sure your warm-ups are adapted to your specific activity; ask a professional for advice.

• Respect your limits. If you return to an activity after a long break, don’t go overboard or you’ll put too much strain on your muscles. Whatever your situation, you should always increase the duration and intensity of your workouts gradually and listen to your body.

• Drink lots of water. Water is essential before, during and after training. It rehydrates your cells and contains nutrients that produce the energy your muscles need during a workout. Water also increases tissue oxygenation and helps the muscles recover more quickly.

After a workout, do some gentle stretching. Doing so won’t prevent sore muscles, which are a result of micro-tears in the muscle fiber, but it will help your body recover more quickly. Lastly, a gentle massage and a warm bath (a cold bath is preferable immediately after exercise) will help soothe aching muscles. A less intense physical activity, such as walking, may also be beneficial.

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