The deadline for student submissions of essays and drawings to the Forbes House Museum (FHM)’s annual Lincoln Essay and Drawing Contest is April 12 at 5 p.m. Winners will be announced on May 6.

An awards ceremony, sponsored by B. R. Alexander & Co., will be held on May 19 at the FHM on 215 Adams St.

Each year, the FHM Lincoln Committee comprised of museum trustees, kindergarten through Grade 8 educators, Lincoln historians, and Civil War enthusiasts, selects a writing question and drawing topic.

This year, students in Grades 6-8 will be asked to write about what makes a good citizen, explaining what citizenship means to them, identifying something Lincoln did to champion the ideals of citizenship, and describing someone alive today who inspires them to be a good citizen. The maximum length of the essay will be 600 words.

The drawing topic for students from kindergarten to Grade 5 will be to imagine a meeting between Lincoln and a soldier or a group of enlisted men and draw what this might have looked like.

Individual student submissions are encouraged. The contest was established as a civic exercise, challenging students to excellence outside the scope of their regular school work.

First, second, and third place winners will be chosen among the entries for each grade level.

An awards ceremony is held each year to celebrate the winning students’ accomplishments. This year, the ceremony will be held at the FHM on 215 Adams St. in Milton.

On the back of an essay or drawing, a student must include his or her name, grade, school, teacher’s name, home address, home phone number, name of a parent or guardian, and a parent or guardian’s email address.

Essays will be judged on the topic, focus, and details that make the essay memorable; the historical accuracy of the research; organization that makes the essay informative and easy to read; and smooth sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

Drawing guidelines are that any media is allowed and the maximum size of the drawing is 18” X 24”. Drawings will be judged on originality, artistic merit, and historical accuracy.

Essays and drawings can be dropped off at the FHM office or mailed to: 2019 Lincoln Essay and Drawing Contest, Forbes House Museum, 215 Adams St., Milton, MA 02186.

The museum will also accept essay submissions only (no drawings) by email. The essay should be sent as a word document or PDF to and the subject line of the email must read: Lincoln Essay 2019.

Included in the body of the email must be the entrant’s name, grade, school, teacher’s name, home address, home phone number, the name of a parent or guardian, and the email address of a parent or guardian.

Upon submission, essays and drawings become the property of the FHM and remain in its archives at its discretion. The FHM reserves the right to reproduce essays and artworks for publicity and promotion of the museum and its programs, which includes press releases, electronic media announcements, brochures, posters, and postcards.

For more information about the contest, call the FHM at 617-696-1815.

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