A limited number of tickets are on sale for Brookwood Community Farm’s seventh annual Farm Dinner fundraiser on Sunday, Sept. 15 from 4 to 7 p.m. The dinner will be held at the new location of the Prowse Farm in Canton.

The main Prowse House includes rooms that celebrate the life of J. Malcolm Forbes, the former landowner who stabled Hall of Fame world champion trotters from 1890 to 1904; the Doty Tavern Room, including the original tavern sign, commemorating the drafting of the Suffolk Reserves on Aug. 16, 1774 which served as the basis of the Declaration of Independence; the Natural History Room highlighting the surrounding Blue Hills Reservation; the Martha Peabody Prowse Room honoring the life of the property matriarch from 1920 to 1975; and the Native American Room saluting the annual pow wows held with the Order for Preservation of Indian Culture.

Funds raised will support the farm’s mission of improving food access, specifically providing fresh produce donations to five local food pantries and produce for a reduced price farm stand in Mattapan. In addition, funds raised help allow Brookwood to save for bigger depreciating items such as tractors, trucks, and trailers, all of which are necessary for the farm to operate smoothly.

In 2018, the farm donated over $21,000 worth of fresh food, and so far this year, it has donated more than $11,000.

Fresh vegetables will be used in dishes cooked by several local chefs with vegetarian, vegan, and meat lover options available.

Brookwood is looking for event sponsors who receive tickets to the dinner. For further information, email events@brookwoodcommunityfarm.org.

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