Nadine Leary - staff photo

The Milton Times staff at the retirement celebration for Nadine Leary. Nadine isis seated. Standing from left are: June Desmond, Tyler Dewhirst, Elaine Cushman Carroll, Ed Baker and Aldo Pinto. (Photo by Pat Desmond)


The staff of the Milton Times gathered on the patio at Novara Restaurant on Aug. 25 to send their good wishes to Nadine Leary who has retired from work as the newspaper’s advertising coordinator.

June Desmond, daughter of the publisher, has taken over a few other tasks besides serving as the advertising consultant for the Milton Times. With the retirement of Nadine Leary this week, June has begun to coordinate advertising placement.

Nadine had served in that role for the past 11 years and will be missed by everyone on staff.

She had been planning her retirement for the past few years but was willing to help the paper get through the pandemic. 

June is also handling all legal advertising placed in the Milton Times. She will track advertising orders with the help of a new software system known as Newspaper Manager. The Google-based system the paper has used since the beginning of the pandemic has been upgraded.

June is the mother of two grown children and became a grandmother for the first time earlier this summer. Both her children have worked at the Milton Times in the past. She, herself, worked at the Times office in 1995 when the newspaper was founded.

These days none of the staff will be found in the office at 372 Granite Ave., East Milton, on a regular basis. However it is possible to book appointments by leaving a voicemail on the office phone, 617-696-7758.

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