As the year 2020 disappears in the rearview mirror, a favorite quote from a Milton resident stands out:  “Hope is the beginning of change.”

As we all progressed down the bumpy and even dangerous road that was 2020, words such as “pandemic” and every variation of “COVID-19” slid into our daily discussions in what was constantly called “unprecedented” times.

First we pause and recognize the more than 25 residents of Milton who died from the coronavirus. With the number of positive cases pushed up well over 1,100 and rapidly growing, that number is sure to rise.

While every year includes the loss of loved ones, the town was left smarting by the loss of strong Milton supporters who died of other causes as well. Meanwhile, new leaders were emerging, including those who took heart and showed courage to fight against racism and for equality and  justice for all.

Milton held three standouts against racism, including a first that drew more than 3,000 residents who called for an end to it.

Milton became a town that increasingly wore its heart on its sleeve with yard signs proclaiming support for political candidates, saying thank you to healthcare workers, and Black Lives Matter. Red hearts proclaiming concern for those with basic needs like housing and food also flourished.

Plans for improvements to the town’s fire stations continued to move ahead, as did those for a new elementary school, although at a slower rate than was anticipated by some.

Milton Police Chief John King said his department’s impacts include:

  • Vehicle crashes are down 31 percent due to less traffic.

  • House breaks are down 44 percent due to more people being home.

 (The rest of this story can be found in the Milton Times issue of Jan. 7, 2021. Click here to subscribe.)

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