As of Wednesday, July 8, the Milton Health Department has confirmed 306 cases of Coronavirus in the community.

There have been more than 18 deaths, according to the health department. Coronavirus was listed on death certificates filed with the town.

Meanwhile Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital Milton announced recently that they have released the 100th patient after treatment for the virus.

The town had advised anyone entering a food establishment in Milton to wear a cloth covering their mouth and nose For more than a week. By May 4 anyone in public must wear a mask unless more than six feet away from others.

The use of masks has been in place at the Fruit Center in East Milton since April 17.  

According to Caroline Kinsella, Director of Public Health, most residents who have tested positive have recovered. 

In a public service report Kinsella said all who have died in town are over 60 years old.

"As the months pass this number will most certainly increase," she said.

The Select Board took a moment April 22 to think about the people who have been lost to Coronavirus. 

Kinsella said the uncertainty is stressful.

"At this time we all have to come together and do the best we can to keep ourselves and our family safe."

Kinsella said the state has created a system in Milton to track the cases beginning May 1.

The Select Board acting as trustees of the Gov. Stoughton Trust recently discussed the possible need for rental assistance in the community. The Milton Residence Fund already provides short-term rental assistance. There were 10 families helped in April.

Select Board member Melinda Collins said she has talked with Noreen Dolan who administers the Milton Residence Fund about the need for longer term assistance.

They voted to donate $5,000 to the food pantry from the Gov. Stoughton fund.

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