To support families during school closures, the Milton Public Schools district (MPS) is providing children up to the age of 21 with free, nutritious breakfast and lunch meals every Wednesday as part of the USDA’s emergency COVID-19 response.

The private, philanthropic Eos Foundation has awarded the district a $2,000 grant to support continued distribution of meals to children.

“We want everyone to know that these healthy meals are available to every child,” Superintendent of Schools Mary Gormley said. “Parents or caregivers can pick up meals on children’s behalf to help ensure safe social distancing.”

Every Wednesday, families can pick up seven days of breakfasts and lunches at one time. Pick up times are 8 to 9 a.m. and 5 to 6 p.m. at the Tucker Elementary School (behind the school) and Milton High School (on the Canton Avenue side of the building).

Children do not need to be present for parents/guardians to pick up the meals.

Preschool-aged children can also receive meals.

All children are welcome regardless of the school attended since this is a community-wide meals program.

All sites encourage safe social distancing and ask that individuals remain six feet apart.

Anyone who cannot make it out of their house to pick up a meal can contact MPS School Nutrition Director Jackie Morgan at 617-898-1051 or

MPS families in need of support during this time are also encouraged to email MPS Family Outreach Liaison Marti O’Keefe McKenna at

“We are proud to help support the great work of Jackie Morgan and her team,” stated Andrea Silbert, president of the Eos Foundation. “They are front-lines heroes, ensuring distribution of nutritious meals for children at this unprecedented time.”

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