COVID Chart through May

COVID-19 cases have continued to decline. (Chart by Elaine Cushman Carroll)

Watching the graduating seniors from Milton High gather to celebrate their amazing accomplishment – the beginning of their future without masks or social distance – was an incredible thrill.

We all know these young people were robbed of many of the joys of high school graduation – robbed by an insidious pandemic that put all our lives in a holding pattern for the past 15 months.

All of us have paid a price as we coped with the isolation and restrictions that began without sufficient warning last year.

Some of us paid more dearly than others as COVID-19 stole lives and prevented family members from simply being in the same space. 

This week the town of Milton resumed its annual concert series at the Baron Hugo Gazebo outside town hall. 

Vaccinated people are no longer required to wear masks when they work out at Fitness Unlimited.

The directional lines have been removed from the Fruit Center and no one is counting the number of shoppers entering the establishment.

The Milton Chamber of Commerce is meeting in person at Novara June 10.

Later this month on June 26 We Are Milton will create the annual Milton Music Fest which brings a fireworks display to Hutchinson Field. The event is sponsored by the Copeland Foundation as is the Celtic Sunday June 27.

Last week for the first time in a very long while, the Milton Times included Up & Coming on one of the Happenings pages. 

We are all getting back to a life that brings small pleasures and a chance for family gatherings.

Let’s follow the lead of the graduates of 2021 and smile at a world that is better than our world in 2020. Smile and cheer for the success we’ve experienced just by surviving Coronavirus.

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