Milton Residents Funds can be a godsend for those in financial need

Noreen Dolan, the Milton Residents Fund administrator, said she received more requests for financial help from Milton residents as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Dolan can be contacted at 617-696-1214 or

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to hit Milton, more residents are experiencing financial needs.

That’s the evidence from a recent report of the Milton Residents Funds (MRF) that saw 27 families and individuals, who had never asked for help before, come forward to request funding in 2020.

The directors of the charitable funds reported giving out about $42,000 to residents for expenses directly related to COVID-19 last year.

Some of these were families who needed help for the first time to pay their mortgage, pay a medical bill, or get food on the table, according to Roger Gray of Adams Street, who helps manage the funds under the umbrella of First Parish Church.

The Milton Select Board members serving as trustees of the Gov. Stoughton Trust Fund on Jan. 27 approved granting $80,000 to the MRF for the upcoming calendar year.

The disbursement to the MRF will be from the town’s Gov. Stoughton Fund, a unique charitable fund that was established through a bequest to the town with the express purpose of aiding the poor of Milton.

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