At the Atherton Station

Deputy Fire Chief Mitchell Sumner checks out the fire alarm system at the Atherton Station.

The “deep dive” began about 18 months ago as the members of Milton’s 

Fire Station Building Committee (FSBC) jumped into the work of how to transform the town’s three fire stations.

Now the group is getting ready to come back up to the surface with plans they hope will win support from a future Town Meeting. 

Although the design details are still being worked out, the initial plans  for two stations (Central and Atherton) will likely be presented at the January Special Town Meeting.

Plans for the third station, East Milton, have fallen behind the others as the committee continues to face the challenge of finding a roughly half-acre parcel where a new station can be built.

At a meeting on Sept. 18, three members of the committee began a preliminary conversation with St. Agatha Parish for purchasing a parcel of green space next to the rectory building on Adams Street.  

Abutters at the meeting panned the prospect of adding a firehouse to their residential neighborhood while the committee members asked those involved to consider the measure for the good of the community.

Dan Clark, vice chair of the FSBC, promised that the new station will be attractive, safe, efficient and built to last, goals that have been listed for the revamp of each of the three stations.

“We only have one opportunity to get this done, and we want to get this right,” Clark told those gathered in the church basement.

Fire Chief Jack Grant, who is also a FSBC member, said his department needs solutions for all three stations.

The current buildings are functioning, but barely, he said.

(More on this story can be found in the Oct. 17 issue of the Milton Times in print and in the e-edition.)

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