Paper-based creativity

Allegra Murray, owner of Milton-based The Petal Peddler’s Shop, displays the digital website she created for her business and to her left, the handmade bouquet of paper that powers her work.

Creativity comes in many forms, including in the shape of a flower petal.

Yet these flowers are not ordinary flowers. The petals are made of paper.

Milton resident Allegra Murray calls her paper art creations “upcycling,” a new way for a treasured paper item to be appreciated again.

Children’s art work from the school year recently ended, street maps from 2007, pages torn from discarded books, paper ready to be used in another form from connections Murray has made online: All are sources of inspiration, raw material and ideas for future projects.

“I’ve met a ton of people and they feel good about it getting used again and again, just in a different way,” she said of her work.

The different ways Murray refers to can be seen in the delicate earrings made of paper, street maps from the 1980s, and a pendant featuring the verses from English playwright William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

“People gravitate to ‘Heidi,’ ‘The Tempest,’ ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ and ‘Sense and Sensibility,’” Murray said.

In the year since an earlier interview, Murray, owner and founder of The Petal Peddler’s Shop, estimated she has made over 700 floral bouquets.

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