The impact of excessive airplane noise and pollution and what Milton is doing to address it will take center stage at a Town Hall forum set for Nov. 14.

The Select Board on Oct. 8 joined the Airplane Noise Advisory Committee (ANAC) in sponsoring the event that will start at 7 p.m. at the Milton Council on Aging.

The announcement came as members of ANAC updated the Select Board on its request to create a position to advocate for the town on the issues.

“The town sits next to an airport. We are always going to have an airplane problem here,” said Michael Andresino, ANAC vice chair. 

He said Milton would be in a much better position with a professional advocate and had hoped the position could be approved for the next fiscal year. 

“It would only be money that’s stopping us,” Andresino said, adding that the budget is tight.

ANAC member Barbara Martin suggested grant or foundation funding for its work.

“Milton is unique in the number of air traffic patterns that fly over the town every day,” she said, advocating for the position.

Andresino and Martin talked about several of the 13 recommendations that first came before the Select Board in September.

They announced that the authors of an ongoing MIT study have agreed to come to Milton to observe the air traffic first hand, and made contact with the Community Noise Lab at Boston University that is currently studying noise pollution and its health effects. 

(More on this story can be found in the Milton Times issue of Oct. 17 in print or online in the e-edition.)


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