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In what was designed to be a get-acquainted session, the town’s new Massport Community Advisory Committee (MCAC) representative walked out of the Airplane Noise Advisory Committee (ANAC) meeting, calling the group “the airplane no action committee.”

The abrupt departure on July 22 of attorney Tom Dougherty came after he expressed frustration with the group and recent suggested edits to a report partially authored by him. The Select Board recently voted to submit it to the FAA, Massport, and other officials.

“What is your work product that I could read? You’re supposed to have two reports a year,” Dougherty said.

He had also responded to a complaint from the former MCAC representative Cindy Christiansen, who stated during the “citizens speak” portion of the meeting that Dougherty had not provided her with information she requested.

Dougherty said it was not his role to provide information to Christiansen, who resigned the MCAC role this spring, adding that she should seek it from the clerk of the committee.

As Dougherty left, a heavy rain, punctuated by thunder and lightning, began.

“That behavior is unacceptable,” said Andrew Schmidt, chair of the ANAC.

Select Board Chair Mike Zullas, who also serves on the ANAC, said later that it was unclear what set off the disagreement, noting that people involved in seeking solutions to the high amount of air traffic that passes over town are “passionate” about their views.

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