Planned animal shelter

Planned animal shelter

The Animal Shelter Advisory Committee approved on Aug. 15 the near-final design plans for the construction of Milton’s new animal shelter proposed for a site near the closed town landfill off of Randolph Avenue.

Committee members had been working to reduce the size of the shelter that has been in the planning stages for at least three years in order to reduce the cost.

In addition, members said, they have addressed the concerns of abutters on Jill Kathleen Drive by moving the building away from their home and swimming pool and providing additional noise and visual buffers.

Alyssa Cook, a member of both the committee and the Milton Animal League, said that some minor reductions in size should bring the unique public-private project within the range of 5,100 square feet called for in the specifications for the project.

Cook called the flow and schematic design of the one-story structure “spot on.”

Committee member Dan Daly said the plans also include several sound mitigation measures that abutters were concerned about.

“We have addressed their concerns to the best of our ability,” he said.

The vote was 4 to 0 with only four of the eight members of the committee present.

Daly called the vote “a big step forward.”

Committee member John Sheldon said, “We like this design. I’m excited about this.”

The new shelter was designed by architect Warren Chase Freedenfeld of Rauhaus, Freedenfeld & Associates and will replace the badly dilapidated one at the former town poor farm on Gov. Stoughton Lane.

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