350 anniversary clock in East Milton

A faulty layer of blacktop on the roadways around the East Milton deck project will have to be removed and replaced, according to Department of Public Works Director Chase Berkeley.

The news comes as “a flurry of activities” have been taking place to finish the multi-year project, he said.

Berkeley said the problem was discovered recently after liquid was seen rising to the surface of the asphalt that had been put down by contractors for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT).

“The most significant part of the project right now is that there is an issue with the top coat of pavement that went down,” he said, adding that the line stripping was started and stopped as a result.

Berkeley said the MassDOT engineers are reviewing the conditions and it will require the entire area to be milled and paved again.

“It’s a painful thing, but the town’s going to inherit these roads so we want to make sure that they are 100 percent  satisfactory when we take them over,” he said.

Berkeley said he is still waiting for the new schedule and hopeful it will take place in mid to late August before the Labor Day holiday when traffic picks up in the area.

Select Board member Mike Zullas said, “The asphalt that was put down was bad asphalt. They made a mistake. Okay, people make mistakes. Now we need to rip everything up and do it again. This is going to create lots of consternation among residents and people who traverse that area.”

Berkeley cited some other improvements that his department is also planning to do in the area. One is to pave Granite Avenue from where the state work leaves off from Bassett Street north to Squantum Street.

Milton also has plans to build new wheelchair ramps on Adams Street near Church Street to bring them into Americans with Disabilities compliance. 

A section of Edge Hill Road next to the Post Office, which is now one-way, will switch from parking on both sides to one-side angle parking, Berkeley said. 

That change will make it easier for vehicles turning right to stay toward the left onto Edge Hill Road.

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