The Square

One of the spots not owned by Falconi Companies in East Milton.

With the first meeting on setting a shared vision for East Milton Square set for Nov. 21, two leaders in the East Milton Neighborhood Association (EMNA) said the group is ready to roll up its sleeves to work with others to guide thoughtful opportunities for the congested commercial and residential area.

The first meeting is scheduled to be held at 7 p.m. on Nov. 21 at the Council on Aging.

Some are hoping that the meeting hits a reset button for taking a holistic look at the square that might lead to an overlay zoning area with a clear blueprint for developers and residents.

The move comes as most town officials and residents agree that this key area of Milton is primed for major changes in the near future.

The town hired veteran planner Judi Barrett of Barrett Planning Group LLC to set up a framework for reaching a consensus among the different interests in the square that had clashed over development proposals for the square, most recently those proposed by the Falconi Companies.

While the Falconi Companies have pulled back a major mixed-use development plan for now, it owns the nearly one acre of property that it owns in the heart of the square.

In a recent interview, Susan Harvey, vice president of EMNA, and member Andy D’Amato, said residents were caught off guard when the Falconis first came forward with their plans in August of 2017, but the group is now welcoming the chance to look at the area holistically.

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