Will uniform 2-hour parking spots in Milton be best for business?

The Milton Chamber of Commerce is in favor of uniform 2-hour parking spaces around town, instead of a mix of 15 to 30 minute or 1-hour spots. Not all business owners agree, however.

(Photo by Elaine Cushman Carroll)

A request for a two-hour town-wide parking limit and a new location for a loading zone in East Milton Square were among the recommendations that the Milton Chamber of Commerce brought before the town’s Traffic Commission on Oct. 2.

The Traffic Commission, an advisory committee to the Select Board, already voted this summer to support the uniform two-hour parking in the town’s three commercial areas.

It forwarded its recommendation to the Select Board, which asked during its July 17 meeting for more time to study it.

Select Board Chair Mike Zullas said the matter was deferred because some Select Board members asked that “the Planning Board and possibly others weigh in on the decision before it is brought back for an official vote.”

Traffic Commission Chair Chase Berkeley said the change could involve a “tedious and individualized” review of current street by street parking restrictions found in the town’s Traffic Rules and Orders.

The Traffic Commission on Oct. 2 agreed to investigate changing the loading zone from Granite Avenue to Franklin Street near Abby Park restaurant.

Chamber of Commerce member Paul Maduri formally presented the parking and loading zone change as one of three authors of the report titled “Parking Enforcement Methods for Suburban Towns.”

He said the study was done in response to the critical issues of providing enough parking for customers and employees of business throughout the town, particularly in East Milton Square.

The report also called for increased safety measures and reasonable enforcement efforts.

The move comes as Police Chief John King said that Milton has filled a new part-time traffic enforcement officer position.

This new hire will be on the streets as soon as he has completed training, King said on Oct. 2.

The requests also come as the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) prepares to evaluate bids for the $4.25 million revamp of the East Milton deck and surrounding intersections.

The major three-year project is set to begin in April and aimed at improving pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle safety, according to an update from Town Engineer John Thompson.

The work will add new adaptive signal technology that is aimed at helping traffic flow at all intersections, including those on Adams at Brook Road and at Church Street.

It will also make Boulevard Street a one-way street heading east into the square and make Edge Hill Road a one-way street westbound away from the square.

Several parking angled parking spaces will be added along Edge Hill Road.

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