Carriage house

The carriage house 

Northland Residential Corp. was granted Conservation Commission approval recently to move a former carriage house from its Wolcott Woods development site to a neighboring property for preservation.

The structure, the third building on the site that will be retained, was saved in a last minute deal between Northland and abutter Kevin Walker, who had challenged the development of the cluster development in court.

Northland agreed to give Walker the building and one acre of land in exchange for dropping his lawsuit against the developer.

The agreement also pleased the town’s Historic Commission, which had argued that it be added to the list of three other historic homes on the property on Canton Avenue that Northland is keeping.

The Planning Board approved in April a special permit, a site plan, and a scenic road permit for the development that will contain 54 units of housing for people aged 55 and over.

Jack Dawley, president and CEO of Northland, said that Walker plans to divide the building at 1729 Canton Ave. into three portions and move it to a one-acre piece of land that will be conveyed to him under the agreement.

Walker has a residential equestrian area on his land and plans to convert the carriage house back into a barn on the parcel on the southwestern side that abuts his property.

The structure, described by the commission as a “1672 old-style carriage house,” likely dates back to the early days of the property’s development, but Dawley said it has been significantly altered, including its conversion to a home, sometime before the early 1990s.

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