Chart of cases

State figures provided this chart of Milton cases of COVID-19 by age.

During the past three months, about 300 Milton residents have tested positive for COVID-19, and at least 18 of them have died from this disease.

Those are some of the details that recently emerged when the town’s Health Department put together public health data relating to the virus in a powerpoint presentation now on Milton’s website. 

The data tracks the disease’s progression from the first case reported on March 1 through the beginning of June. 

During that time, 298 people aged 7 to 101 contracted the disease.

Another 40 residents have also been found to have antibodies for COVID-19, are considered “likely” to have also had the disease, and have recovered, according to town Health Director Caroline Kinsella.

According to Kinsella, the overall data shows that the social distancing measures the town and the state put into place seem to have been effective. 

The town does not have data on how many people have been tested for the virus, she said.

Kinsella said the data trends in Milton generally followed those of other communities across the state with residents between ages 50 and 80 showing the highest incidence of the disease.

Across the state, the data has shown that residents of long-term care facilities have been more at risk. 

Kinsella said a sudden spike in the number of cases during several days in late April was likely influenced by aggressive testing that took place at places including Brush Hill Care Center, located at 1200 Brush Hill Road. Those efforts were done to allow these residences to segregate those testing positive from the rest of the population even though many of them showed minor or no symptoms, she said.

The town’s data does not include patients at Season’s Hospice who live outside of the town, Kinsella said.

The data also shows that there were proportionately more African- American people diagnosed with the disease than white people.

According to U.S. Census population estimates from 2019, about 15 percent of the town’s population is Black and 72 percent is white. 

The incidence of the disease showed that about 34 percent of those with the disease were Black and 45 percent were white.

The remaining cases included seven people identified as Asian and another 38 people listed as other or unknown or for whom the data was missing, according to the charts.

Of the 18 residents who died from the disease, six were aged 60 to 69, one was aged 70 to 79, nine were aged 80 to 89, and two were aged 90 to 99.

One resident who is 101 recovered from the illness, said Allan Bishop, the town’s GIS coordinator, who helped to compile the charts and powerpoint presentation.

Kinsella said in May that the town is seeing the results of more people testing for antibodies to see if they might have had the disease earlier. Those residents should also take the nasal swab test to see if they still have the virus. 

For both active and suspected cases, residents will be asked to isolate for 10 days, she said.

Kinsella said that most of the residents who contracted the disease have recovered. Some have had mild to moderate symptoms that can linger for a couple of weeks. 

She said that all those with positive or suspected cases will be contacted by health officials. They may also be contacted by the state’s Community Tracing Collaborative, which is gathering information about symptoms and people with whom a person might have been in contact.

As reopening plans proceed from the stay-at-home policy to the safer-at-home advisory, Kinsella said that residents, especially those 65 and older or those with existing health conditions, should continue to exercise a higher level of caution.

The full powerpoint presentation can be found at:

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