Curry College 2019

John Fish of Suffolk Construction addressed the graduates at Curry College in 2019 as Curry's president, Ken Quigley, right, looked on. This year the graduation ceremony has been postponed as the college continues to adjust to the COVID-19 reality. According to the school website, they hope to have a physical event to celebrate graduation at a later date.

During this challenging time, Curry College in Milton wants to reach out to the community and offer its support, realizing that everyone is affected by this pandemic in many ways, both personally and professionally.

Those who have open positions are invited to post them in the Curry Connect system. The college can post internships, full time and part time positions, volunteer opportunities, and more. 

Once your positions have been posted in Curry Connect, the college will advertise them to students and alumni through its Hot Jobs newsletter, individual advising sessions, social media, and direct messages to students and faculty.

Those who would like to conduct a virtual “Look Who’s Hiring” information session for students and recent graduates may contact the college to schedule a time in the coming weeks.

Info sessions are hour-long virtual events that the college will set up using its Zoom video conferencing platform. During each session, participants can talk directly with students about your organization and the types of opportunities you may be offering now or you anticipate will be available in the future. 

Sessions will be recorded and shared with the campus community through multiple communication channels. Those who already have hiring events that need to be promoted are welcome to share them with the college, which will be happy to promote them.

Those who are not hiring now but still want to connect with students can consider joining the Curry Connections Mentor Network, which consists of a collection of alumni, employers, and friends of Curry who are willing to be contacted by students and recent graduates for career advice, resume reviews, etc. 

When you create a profile in Curry’s system, your name will appear on a list that all of its students and recent graduates can access. There is no obligation to have a formal mentoring relationship with any student who contacts you through the system, and you can decide how often you would like to be contacted, in what ways, and for what reasons. 

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