East Milton Square work timeline

Work on and around the East Milton Deck will be done in stages over two years, beginning Aug. 3, 2020.

The grunting of heavy equipment is set to begin on Aug. 3 in the areas around the East Milton deck when the set up for $7.8 million in long-anticipated repairs gets underway.

“We’ve been anxiously awaiting this in East Milton,” said Richard Wells, an East Milton resident and Select Board member.

State Rep. Bill Driscoll Jr., who also lives in East Milton, said everyone is excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel for this project.

The board and residents were given an overview of the work during the board’s July 22 meeting where representatives from MacKay Construction and their public outreach team outlined the state-funded project that undertakes keeping the area open for businesses, traffic, and parking during the 18 to 24-month project.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation project has been in the works for years and includes a revamp of the sidewalks, curbing, traffic lights, and a redesign of Manning Park, which spans the Southeast Expressway.

The safety improvements for the area include redesigned intersections and pedestrian crossings, better synchronization of traffic signals and other infrastructure improvements, and major upgrades in the appearance and usability of the park area, officials said.

Under the plans, Edge Hill Road will become a one-way road heading away from the deck and Boulevard Street will become three lanes of one-way traffic heading toward the deck.

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