Fire station building committee

A pothole that appeared in the concrete floor of the East Milton station in recent weeks has prompted concerns and contributed to the Fire Station Building Committee’s (FSBC) unanimous vote on Nov. 9 to take on the construction of East Milton ahead of the reconstruction of Atherton Fire Station.

With work on the new headquarters fire house behind Milton Town Hall well under way, the FSBC is looking ahead to how and when to proceed with the work on the town’s other two fire stations.

The FSBC also voted on Nov. 9 to go ahead with the construction of a new driveway close to the left side of the St. Agatha’s rectory building on Adams Street as soon as this summer. 

The driveway is to be situated next to the new East Milton station, but that construction would likely need to be put out to bid separately, the members said.

The new driveway, which was a condition of the church’s sale of the property to the town, was another factor that pushed the need to construct East Milton first, according to members.

Fire Chief Chris Madden, who also serves on the FSBC, said after the votes that it is “good to have a plan in place.”

He said the pothole, which began as a crack and grew, has been repaired, and a structural engineer has told the town that the issue will need to be checked on a regular basis.

Madden said that fire personnel at the East Milton station noticed the problem on the left side of the engine bays where Engine 4 is typically parked. 

“It became alarming” as it grew to a pothole of about one foot square, he explained.

The town’s Consolidated Facilities Department shored up the area that has a basement underneath and it is being closely monitored, Madden said.

The out-of-service engine that is also typically parked in the other bay at the East Milton station was moved so that Engine 4 could be shifted there.

The FSBC’s Eugene Sullivan said that water infiltration into concrete can cause insidious damage, as he saw in his work on the Boston Common garage years ago.

Madden said he was also hoping the committee would explore whether additional space for storage could be created at the new East Milton station.

FSBC member Mark Boyle said input will need to be sought from the town and residents to make the minor modifications.

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