The deck

New pieces on the deck.

The plan is as simple as one plus one for local contractor and parent Sean Roche.

First item: the scores of teenagers in Milton who need a place to hang out.

Add to that: the deck over the Southeast Expressway in East Milton, a park with no people.

Put the two together and you have a combination Roche has put together that he thinks is a great pairing, kind of like bread meets butter.

Roche’s brainchild is to turn the deck into an outdoor youth space with games, a wiffle ball field, and a large screen for showing outdoor movies with some possible extras, such as an ice cream truck, thrown in.

Roche, who has three teenagers, presented his plans Aug. 21 before the Select Board, whose members issued some words of enthusiasm and caution while agreeing to vet them further.

The board is set to take up the plans again on Sept. 4.

Roche told board members that the deck, formally named Manning Park, would represent an alternative for teenagers who would otherwise be buried in their mobile phones or drinking in the woods behind Cunningham Park.

This could be another place to go to interact socially with other like-minded teens without their parents hovering over them, he said.

“I think we can all agree that we can make better use out of this park,” Roche said.

(More on this story appears in the print as well as the e-edition of the Milton Times issue of Aug. 29.)

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