New ownership at Fitness Unlimited

Cindy McCarthy, left, and Beth Whitney are happy to be at the helm of Fitness Unlimited. They purchased Fitness Unlimited, the town’s women’s health club, from Paul Maduri. Maduri is retiring after 40 years of running the gym in East Milton Square.

(Photo by Pat Desmond)

The new owners of Fitness Unlimited don’t think the members of the gym will take much notice of the change at the top of the 40-year-old organization.

That’s because Beth Whitney and Cindy McCarthy have been managing the women’s fitness club for quite some time.

The pair take different directions in the operation of the business with Whitney heading up the financials and McCarthy more in operations.

Paul Maduri, who until last month was the sole owner of the corporation, decided that turning 65 meant he should retire.

Actually, Maduri, who lives in Hingham, has quite a few new plans of his own. He’ll do some consulting and get more involved with boats.

Maduri is looking forward to the change.

“I had decided to look into selling the business at 65 and I offered it first to my top two employees,” he said by phone. “It was great when they decided to buy it.”

The new owners took time inside the building at 264 Granite Ave. to talk about the old and new pieces of the fitness picture.

They have side by side desks in the front office but move quickly to deal with front desk issues as they come up.

They plan to be working owners, still teaching classes and filling in from time to time.

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