227 Pleasant

The public hearing on a preliminary review of plans to subdivide the property at 227 Pleasant St. into five lots for single-family homes has been delayed until at least March 26.

Although the hearing before the Planning Board was officially opened on March 12, it was immediately postponed for a minimum of two weeks as town officials continue to determine the best way to conduct business during coronavirus restrictions on gatherings.

An additional night of a public hearing for the Little Sprouts child care center that has been proposed for 919 Blue Hill Ave. was also continued on March 12 without any testimony being offered.

An earlier hearing on the day care center drew sharp comments from neighbors who objected that it would bring additional traffic and parking into an already stressed area.

The proposal at 227 Pleasant St. is being brought forward by owner HP Homes, LLC, of Milton, and its principals Kyle Harnish and Brian Pasquantonio, who both live in Milton, according to filings with the town.

The single-family home and sheds on the site were demolished earlier this month.

This followed a ruling by the Historical Commission that the buildings were not worthy of preservation, according to the filing.

Several stone walls on the property will be preserved, per the plans.

The applicants said that there was once a nursery located on the site called Pine Gardens and have chosen that as the name of the development.

It will be accessed via a private way known as Pine Garden Lane that will be about 280 feet long.

It will include a turn around area that is wide enough to be accessed by emergency equipment and a sidewalk on one side.

All five lots will be at least 10,000 square feet and have frontage on Pine Garden Way.

Harnish will be the builder for the homes and prefers an architectural style, with variations, that incorporates natural shingles, peaked roofs, and interesting design features at the peaks with a front porch.

Pasquantonio will be the site and landscape contractor and has designed the development to feature natural stone walls, manicured lawns, and natural plantings and trees, as noted in the plans.

The plans for both projects can be viewed at https://www.townofmilton.org/planning-board/pages/current-projects.

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