Food pantry

Back in 2013, at the Milton Food Pantry volunteers were at work because social distancing was not important. From left were Leslie Randall, the director of the Milton Food Pantry Pat Brawley Morise, Gail Dwyer and Betsy Donovan.

With the temporary closing of the Milton Food Mart last week, the Milton Community Food Pantry lost its means of delivering fresh milk and eggs to residents who rely on it.

The food pantry, which serves as many as 130 families and individuals, has given its visitors vouchers for milk and eggs that can be redeemed at the market at the intersection of Blue Hills Parkway and Brook Road.

The pantry does not have refrigerated storage space for the items and is having difficulty getting eggs, Director Patricia Brawley told the Select Board on April 7.

Brawley said that the pantry can no longer accept food donations due to possible coronavirus contamination, according to guidelines put out by the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB).

She said financial contributions are still being accepted, but gift cards are not preferred since many people they serve do not have cars.

The pantry is able to get better deals on food through the GBFB, Brawley said.

The Concord Baptist Church Food Pantry and the Interfaith Social Services’ Pantry Shelf are also seeking donations. 

Brawley said that 75 families, including two new families, came through at the pickup date on April 4.

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