A site for 60 condos?

At one time, Dolan Funeral Services operated in Milton Village. Now, the vacant site could be used for residential development.

(Photo by Elaine Cushman Carroll)

Study shows 60 condos could fit in area of 5 Canton Ave.

An advertisement for an eye-widening proposal to put 60 condominiums and parking for 67 cars in a new seven-story building at the former Dolan Funeral Home site in Milton Village is attracting attention.

Property owner Christopher Lydon said he received correspondence from a Hingham architect whose interest was piqued after seeing the plot plan for 5 Canton Ave. that Lydon had posted on commercial real estate sites.

“I knew it had development potential. I didn’t realize it had that much. I’m just exploring options at this point,” said Lydon, who stressed that he has no plans at this point.

The proposed project could only be done through the state’s 40B affordable housing law, said Cheryl Tougias, who chairs both the Planning Board and the Master Plan Implementation Committee.

Both the board and committee have been crafting a zoning overlay district in the area that could bring as many as 155 housing units and help revitalize the area.

Lydon bought the site that is about one-third of an acre in the summer of 2018 for $1.2 million and has been looking for the “right” commercial tenant since then, he said.

Lydon is also open to selling the property and has been approached by several potential buyers since the plans were advertised on real estate sites as a potential transit-oriented development location.

“I thought this was a good thing to show to developers. I just threw it out there,” he said, adding that he has received “tons of responses” from a variety of people.

Lydon said Milton is in need of affordable housing for people with more moderate incomes and the location is near public transportation.

In December, Stanley Benulis, an architect with K.F.P. Architects in Hingham, sent Lydon drawings that showed two floors of parking and 60 housing units on five floors above the parking.

Because of the steep change in topography from Adams Street to High Street, the floors with parking would exit onto both streets.

The move comes as the Planning Board is seeking to add an overlay district that would allow multi-family residential to be added to the mix of possible uses.

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