Bruce and Meryl

Meryl Manin wants her customers to know that Grono & Christie is back and the East Milton jewelry store has parking for the first time in 78 years.

When Meryl and her husband Bruce packed the contents of the business that has been in the family for three generations, they were facing an uncertain future over its location.

They had given up their lease at 536 Adams St., after their landlord asked for a five-year lease.

At 70, Meryl said that she wanted to stay in business somewhat but was unclear about the direction.

After a brief search, they found a space in the Falconi Properties building at 4 Franklin St., which has its own parking lot and is just a stone’s throw from their previous location.

Standing in the new location, Meryl said that being forced to move helped them to make changes they had been hesitant to do.

“It forces us to think about the next step,” she said.

During a recent visit, Bruce was working on clearing up a phone issue and Meryl showed off the four-room space and an area where she can meet privately with customers seeking diamonds or other custom pieces of jewelry.

“When you’re in here it will just be you,” she said. “This will be different. We’ll be making appointments and instead of 10 cases of jewelry, there will be three. Anything they ordered before, they can still get again.”

The new space formerly housed an optometrist shop and has more of an office than a showroom feel.

“It takes time,” said Meryl in what will be the showroom of their new business. “We’re open. Everything will be here by September.”

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