Work in progress at Bent's building

Construction continues on the new door to the outside cafe at the Bent’s building on Pleasant Street, which is undergoing a major renovation.

(Photo by Elaine Cushman Carroll)

Despite the obvious signs of continuing construction at the historic Bent’s building, Bob Falconi said that every time he’s there, someone will stop by and ask if the cafe is open.

Although he’s happy to see interest in the brick building's renovations, Falconi, whose family business has taken on the project, said his answer is the same. Not yet.

As he walked through the three levels of the building on a recent rainy day, Falconi, the president of Falconi Companies, said, “People ask, ‘Why is it taking you so long?’ It’s just a lot of work. We’re keeping the historical nature of the building. That’s what we want to do.”

Falconi said that the project is taking longer than the new construction his company often does and costing much more as well.

“It’s an investment in the future,” he said, laughing. “Maybe for the grandchildren.”

It has been nearly 10 months since the Board of Appeals gave Falconi the green light on his plan to renovate the first level of the building for a cafe and a catering company; the second floor into five small apartments, and the third floor into office space.

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