Chrisom new Parks Manager

Kevin Chrisom, a former Milton Parks Commissioner, is now the Parks Manager.

(Photo by Elaine Cushman Carroll)

When Kevin Chrisom was a young baseball player, he took it as normal that other kids running track would pass through centerfield on their way around the track at Kelly Field, even in the middle of a game, and nothing could beat a pickup hockey game outside of Ulin Rink, where someone always created an extra outdoor rink in the winter.

While both the asphalt track and the outside rink are gone, Chrisom, who grew up on Kevin Road, is still passionate about the details and quirks of Milton’s more than 100 acres of parks and playgrounds.

Chrisom is the town’s new parks manager and on Sept. 5, his ninth day on the job, he turned 53 doing what he likes best.

Chrisom said that he jumped right in on Day 1 to get quotes for work to fix the backstairs at Andrews Park, interviewing five contractors.

“I love it. It’s what I wanted to do,” he said. “After growing up here in the town, I feel completely vested in it.”

Chrisom is looking forward to the opening of the drop-in youth center that will be opening this fall at First Congregational Church and staffed by the Parks and Recreation Department.

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