Summer makes way for a hybrid return to school

The Levash family enjoys a summer afternoon before school starts. Shown here are Jaime Levash and her daughters Gabby, left, and Reese, right.

(Photo by Elaine Cushman Carroll)

The decision was a relatively easy one for Jaime Levash and her husband, Rob Levash.

They had already studied the safety measures being implemented by the Milton Public Schools for the start of the school year and knew the rates of COVID-19 infections in Milton had been low for months.

So, after a brief discussion, they recently checked off the box that will send their third-grader back to her Collicot Elementary classroom on Sept. 16.

The family is healthy and feel confident about the decision.

Although they said that this was a parental decision, Gabby, 8, also voted wholeheartedly to return to school.

When asked recently what she likes about school, Gabby replied with a wide smile, “everything.”

Jaime Levash has been keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 crisis through her work at Beth Israel Lahey Health in Boston, but she has also been keeping an equally close eye on her two daughters.

“I would have voted for a full day if there was one,” she said.

“We knew (Gabby) missed the socialization and the in-person interactions with her teachers,” Levash explained. “When we asked her, she said she would go to school even if she was the only student in the classroom. She told us, ‘As long as I’m at school, that’s all that matters.’”

Levash sat down with the Times recently to talk about her family’s experiences in the time of the pandemic and as they make education decisions for their two children. The Times plans to do several check-ins with the family as the year progresses.

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